MyNetFone is Australia’s leading VoIP Service provider. MyNetFone users can make calls over their broadband Internet connection using their normal telephone or a ‘soft’ phone on their computer. Customers' may use any broadband connection including ADSL, cable broadband.

A user will operate the phone, make and receive phone calls the same way as what he/she has been used to with a "conventional" handset. There is no behaviour change required or new skills to learn.

The only difference is with the initial set-up connection in which the phone is connected to a gateway instead to a Telstra outlet on the wall. Once the set-up has been completed, the day to day use of the service is the same as a normal phone.
There are three different ways of connecting to the MyNetFone service:
1. A normal phone hand-set which is connected to a MyNetFone adaptor connected to your broadband service.

2. An Internet phone hand-set which is connected to your broadband service (i.e. USB phone)

3. A software telephone which resides on your PC or laptop