Yes you can!

Ensure your customers never forget your phone number with MyNetFone Gold Numbers. With Gold Direct-In-Dial Numbers you can choose a number that's easy to remember or that spells out a specific word.

Fees and Charges

Gold Direct-In-Dial numbers are available upon request for a one-off scheduled fee. Customers may choose the last four digits of the number only.

Number Combination Price
Select two numbers, i.e. '22' or ‘36' A$100.00
Select three numbers, i.e. '222' or '369' A$200.00
Select four numbers, i.e. ‘2222' or ‘3694' A$300.00

We will make the best endeavour to meet your choice but cannot guarantee the availability.

Please contact us on 1300 733 995 and speak to one of our friendly business solutions consultants to find out more about MyNetFone Gold Numbers.