General requirements

  1. NBN modem: Depending on the access technology deployed in your premises and how you use your broadband services, you may need to upgrade some devices. MyNetFone Business can provide the modem to support NBN access technologies or you can bring your own NBN compliant modem to be connected. For example, if you are having NBN FTTB/N service, your modem may not be NBN VDSL compliant. You need to check with your device provider about compatibility. 
  2. NBN Co equipment: After you place an order on NBN plan from MyNetFone Business, we will organise your appointment with NBN Co for the service installation (if you need one), the actual equipment you’ll get is depending on NBN product availability at your premises (FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC, HFC, Wireless). MyNetFone Business does not supply NBN Satellite services.

    MyNetFone Business will send you an NBN Preparation Guide at the time of order acceptance for you to better understand the installation process.