As the NBN rolls out, the old copper network will be replaced by NBN fibre. This means that many NBN customers will lose their phone line (and their phone number). However, residents in regions serviced by 'fixed wireless' NBN will retain their traditional phone lines.

Wireless / Satellite NBN - Phone lines kept

If your business receives an nbn™ Fixed Wireless or Satellite service, your copper line will not be disconnected. It will still be serviced by the existing copper network for Home Phone (landline) services only.


Fibre NBN - Phone lines removed

After the first 18 months have passed, customers who have access to the FTTP, FTTB, FTTN and FTTC will then need to switch over to VoIP services (Voice over IP). Although VoIP may sound a little scary it just means your phone calls will be directed over your internet connection as opposed to copper lines, however your phone will still continue to operate in much the same way.


Switch to an NBN-ready phone service

MyNetFone has a variety of NBN-ready voice services which allow you to make low cost, high-quality phone calls over the internet (VoIP / IP communications).