The roll out of the NBN network across Australia has begun and should be reaching your area soon. It will take about 12 months from when the NBN team starts construction in your area until it is finished and you are able to access the fast broadband that comes with the NBN service. The NBN service is delivered using a mix of technologies to reach different areas.


What you will need to do:


1) Choose retail service provider and a NBN plan 

Although the NBN Co builds the NBN network, it does not sell services or plans directly to end-users. You have to sign up through MyNetFone Business.

Once you get the head nod from the NBN Co that your NBN service is now ready to go, the next step is to choose a plan from a certified Retail Service Provider (RSP) like MyNetFone Business. A Retail Service Provider is the equivalent of an internet service/phone line provider for the NBN service.

2) Sign up and get connected

All you really need to do is choose the right NBN provider if you want to ensure a smooth NBN transition and an issue-free service future. Depending on the NBN connection type in your area, we may organise for the NBN Co team to install the relevant equipment in your home. You need to be home when the NBN Co installs the interior equipment but other than that the whole process will be simple.


3) Plug in NBN-ready modem and start surfing

Since NBN is a new technology, its most likely your old modem will not work with it. All MyNetFone NBN plans come with an NBN compatible modem (free on 12 and 24 month NBN contracts, or for a reasonable price on no contracts plans). Once the modem is delivered, you can simply plug it in and start browsing.