1. Login to the MyAccount Portal and select Phones from the menu on the left.
  2. Select Buttons across the top.
  3. You will then see the current lines assigned to the phone and the current function of the line. (Line, Monitor, Speed dial).
  4. Line 1 is unable to be changed and will remain as Line. Select one of the other lines and change the function to Speed Dial.
  5. Enter in a name under ‘Speed Dial Name’, then input the number under ‘Speed Dial Number’.
  6. Click Update, after this please reboot your handset, within approximately five minutes the phone should update and the monitored line will display on the handset.


Using a Speed Dial

For Yealink and Cisco handsets, press the number corresponding to the Speed Dial entry that you wish to call, and press the ‘dial’ Soft Key.

Example: If you have configured Speed Dial entry #2 with the number ‘0280088000’, then you only need to press ‘2’ on the keypad, and ‘0280088000’ will automatically be dialled.