Setup 'follow me ' feature:

  1. Login to the ‘MyAccount portal’.
  2. Select ‘Phones’ on the left hand menu, then choose the phones you wish to set the diversion on.
  3. Across the top select ‘Follow Me and Voicemail’.
  4. On this page each line associated with the phone will be listed, you can see which line your changing at the top, e.g. Line 09XXXXXX will be listed. 
  5. If you wish to divert your phone directly to a mobile, choose the Follow Me Options – Redirect Immediately to Follow Me List. If you want the phone to ring first then divert to mobile, select Re-direct to Follow Me List on Busy or No Answer.
  6. Click Update, then click Add Follow Me.
  7. A new section will now open up to add the mobile number.

Follow me feature setup

8. Enter in the mobile number in the Follow Me Number field, select a Ring Time and select Add then Done.


To turn on Follow Me only 

To send calls to the numbers on your Follow Me list straight away, select Redirect immediately to ‘Follow Me’ list.

To send calls to your Follow Me list if you don't answer after a certain amount of time, select Redirect to Follow Me on busy or no answer and adjust to the desired time.


Follow Me and voicemail working together

You can also choose to send calls to the numbers on your Follow Me list, and if none answer, to send the call to voicemail. Choose Redirect to Follow Me list then voicemail on busy or no answer.

To switch OFF all voicemail and Follow Me, select ‘No Follow Me’.