On the phone handset press the DND soft key, select to choose DND on a specific line or all lines, then select Save. For the T41/T42G it will display DND in the top right of the display. In the T46G the lines will display a symbol on the line. It will look like a red circle with a horizontal white line in the middle. Follow the same 



To stop your phone from receiving incoming calls, press the ‘DND’ Soft Key. You will still be able to make outgoing calls while ‘Do Not Disturb’ is activated.

The phone screen will show ‘Do Not Disturb’. The phone will behave the same way as when the line is ‘busy’: callers dialling the phone’s direct line will hear a ‘busy’ tone, or the ‘Follow Me’ call forwarding will activate if it is setup (see relevant 'Follow me' FAQ), callers dialling the Call Group number will be redirected to other phone within the Call Group.

To switch off ‘Do not Disturb’,press the ‘Clr DND’ Soft Key.



Gigaset Cordless does not have a do not disturb feature



MyNetFone Softphone does not have a do not disturb feature