Method 1: Press the Hold soft key. A call on hold is indicated by the associated key flashing green and ‘Hold’ being displayed on the screen. To make a 2nd call, press the New Call soft key. 

Method 2: Press a different Line key to automatically put the current call on hold and be prompted to make a 2nd call

To retrieve a call, either press the associated Line key or scroll up or down to the held call and press the Resume soft key.



While on an active call, press the Hold button.

The call will now be on hold, and the other party will be hearing the ‘Music on Hold’. The Line Key that is being used for the call will change to a slow-flashing red to indicate this.

Retrieving a Call: To retrieve a call that has been placed on Hold, press the slow-flashing red Line Key. If you are using the SPA502G phone model, press the ‘resume’ Soft Key to retrieve the call.



When on a call simply press the ‘R’ key to place the call on hold, to take it off press the left button under ‘End Call’ which is displayed on the screen. The call will then resume as normal.



Press the ‘Pause’ button to place the call on hold. It will then display a ‘Play’ button which you press to resume the call. 

Softphone - Call hold