MyNetFone provides a free voicemail service with all Virtual PBX Plans. Plus, we can deliver your voicemail messages straight to your inbox as an audio file that you can conveniently download wherever you are.


Voicemail Setup

  1. Dial 121 from your MyNetFone service, press ‘0’ for Voicemail Setup and follow the prompts to record your voicemail greeting.

1.1   Note: For Hunt Groups, dial 171 instead. Mailbox number is the call group number and Password is the PIN code for that Call Group. The PIN code is available from the Call Group page in the MyAccount Portal.

  1. Login to the ‘MyAccount Portal’ and select ‘My Voice Service’.
  2. Click ‘Follow Me and Voicemail’ in the top menu and select ‘Redirect to Voicemail on Busy or No Answer’. Click Update.

The Voicemail service is now active.


Checking voicemails

Yealink, Cisco & Gigaset handsets

Simply press the ‘Envelope’ button labelled Message on the handset and it will direct you to your mailbox.


MyNetFone Softphone

Press the icon in between the speakerphone and missed call icons.

Softphone - Checking voicemail


Access voicemails for a Hunt Group

1. Dial 171 on the keypad.

2. You will be prompted for a Mailbox number, this is the full phone number associated with your Hunt Group.

3. You will be prompted for a 'PIN', this is the PIN code for your Hunt Group (find it under the 'Hunt Group' page of the Account Portal).