Basic troubleshooting

To check what your phone line quality sounds like to other callers, you can use the call test service numbers. These allow you to test if your audio setup is working correctly.

The call test service is easy to use:

If you can hear the recording, it means that your audio setup is working correctly. If you cannot hear any audio, that means there is an issue with your service setup - please contact the Residential Support Team or Business Support Team to troubleshoot the issue.


Get a dedicated data service for IP communications

For Business customers if saturation of the link is an issue, you may also want to look into signing up to our “Voice Access Data Plan” which provides a dedicated internet connection setup with QoS just for the phones. For more information, call our Business Sales team on 1300 733 995.

Call Test Service Numbers

Sydney +61 2 8014 5021
Melbourne +61 3 8376 6721
+61 7 3077 7521
+61 8 7111 3221
+61 8 6102 7331
+61 3 6165 0161
1300 +61 1300 071 325