To choose & set up a DID number:

1. Login to the MyAccount portal at, then

2. Select ‘Phone Numbers’ in the left menu

3. Click on ‘Lease New Number’ (bottom right of page)

4. Select the Region where you require a local number (Note: ‘Group Size’ defines how many DIDs you want to lease – ‘1’ is sufficient for most businesses)

5. The available number and charge (if applicable) will appear – to confirm, click ‘Lease Selected Group’

6. Now go to ‘My Voice Service’ in the left menu

7. Click on ‘Direct In-Dial Numbers’ in the top menu

8. Click ‘Add DID’ on the right of the page – the DID you just ‘leased’ will appear

9. Select the DID and confirm

Alternatively, our Technical Support Team is happy to help you out with this process – give them a call on 1300 887 899.