Auto Attendant (also known as IVR) provides a spoken menu for callers to pick the appropriate option (e.g. ‘Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Technical Support’ etc). You can record your own greeting to reflect the layout of your call routing setup. Additionally, separate menus can be configured for Office Hours and After Hours.

The user then presses a number on their keypad to select the appropriate option, and their call is forwarded to the associated number or Call Group.

An Auto Attendant is created from an unused DID in your Virtual PBX Account.


Creating a New Auto Attendant

1. Login to the MyAccount Portal and select ‘Auto Attendants’ in the left menu.

2. Click on ‘Create New Auto Attendant’ button on this page and select the appropriate settings (see table below for details).

PBX If you have only 1 Virtual PBX subscription, this setting does not need to be changed. If you have more than 1 Virtual PBX in your Account, please select the correct one
Name Give the Auto Attendant a descriptive name
Country Select the country of the DID that you want to use for this Auto Attendant
Region Select the region of the DID that you want to use for this Auto Attendant
Number Select the DID that you want to use for this Auto Attendant

3. Once you have finished setting up, click ‘Create Auto Attendant’.

4. On the main ‘Auto Attendants’ page, click on the ‘Number’ of the new Auto Attendant.

In the ‘PIN’ field, set a PIN number – you will need this to record a greeting message for your Auto Attendant. Click ‘Update’.

Setting up Auto Attendant Menu

You need to configure different options which the Auto Attendant will accept when it receives an incoming call.

Each Auto Attendant has 2 different menus:

Default Menu ‐ used for calls received outside of Office Hours

Office Hours Menu ‐ used for calls received during Office Hours

Each menu has spaces for Options 1 to 9, which correspond to the numbers on a phone keypad.

1. On the main ‘Auto Attendants’ page, click on the ‘Number’ of the new Auto Attendant.

2. In the ‘Office Hours Menu’ simply enter your office’s opening hours in 24 hour format for each day of the week.

Note: By default, Monday to Friday is configured as ‘09:00 to 17:00’, Saturday and Sunday is ‘00:00 to 00:00’. This means the Office Hours are 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, and the office is closed Saturday & Sunday.

3. Enter the phone number to which you want to divert the incoming call for each Option 1‐9 of the Default and Office Hours menus. Leave blank any options you do not want to program.

You can enter a MyNetFone number from one of your phones, a DID, a Call Group, an external Mobile phone or Landline, or even another Auto Attendant.

4. Click ‘Update’ to save any changes.


Recording Voice Menu


Option 1

1. Call your own Auto Attendant phone number (as shown on the ‘Auto Attendants’page of the MyAccount portal).

2. To set up the ‘Default Menu’ message, dial ‘#99’ on your keypad. For the ‘Office Hours Menu’ dial ‘#98’ on your keypad.

3. Follow the prompts to record and save the message. Note: You will require the PIN number for your Auto Attendant.

Note: When creating or making any changes to an Auto Attendant, it takes approximately 1‐2 minutes for the changes to be applied.


Option 2

You also have the option of supplying us an audio file which we can upload as your auto attendant. To do this simply record an audio file matching the below specifications and send this to advising which menu and auto attendant the recording is intended for.

The file needs to be in the following format: