Hunt Groups are a convenient way to ensure calls are made directly to a specific department.

For example, you could have a Hunt Group that includes all members of your Sales Team – you can promote the Hunt Group’s number and sales enquiries will come directly to this team, rather than going through the main reception line.


How Hunt Groups Work

A Hunt Group is created from one of your unused DIDs in your Virtual PBX Account.

Each Hunt Group contains ‘Members’. A Member can be one of the extensions of your Virtual PBX, a normal Landline number or even an International number. When a Hunt Group receives an incoming call, it passes the call on to all its members.


To create a new Hunt Group:

1. Login to the MyAccount Portal and select ‘Hunt Groups’ in the left menu.

2. Click on ‘Create New Hunt Group’ button on this page and select appropriate settings (see table below).

PBX If you have only 1 Virtual PBX subscription, this setting does not need to be changed. If you have more than 1 Virtual PBX in your Account, please select the correct one
Name Give the Hunt Group a descriptive name
Country Select the country of the DID that you want to use for this Hunt Group
Region Select the region of the DID that you want to use for this Hunt Group
Number Select the DID that you want to use for this Hunt Group
Diversion Option Select what the Hunt Group will do with the incoming call if it is unanswered: divert the call to Voicemail or no diversion. If you choose to not divert the call to Voicemail, and the incoming call is unanswered, the incoming call will receive a busy tone.
Ring Sequence

Select how you want the Hunt Group to pass the incoming call to its Members:

‘Sequential’ setting will call each Member of the Hunt Group one after theother,

‘Simultaneous’ will call all Members of the Hunt Group at the same time

Ring Timeout Select how long the incoming call will ring (in seconds) before it is considered ‘unanswered’

3. When you have finished setting up the Hunt Group, click on the ‘Create Hunt Group’ button.

4. To add members to the Hunt Group, on the main ‘Hunt Groups’ page, click on the ‘Number’ of the Hunt Group to add members. Then click on the ‘Add New Member’ button.

Two additional options will appear:

• ‘Extension’ – to add an internal line from your Virtual PBX, choose the Line and click on the ‘Add Hunt Group Member’ button,

• ‘External Number’ ‐ to add an external number (such as a mobile phone or an external landline number), enter the phone number and press the ‘Add Hunt Group Member’ button.


To delete existing Hunt Group Members:

1. Login to the MyAccount Portal and select ‘Hunt Groups’ in the left menu.

2. Click on the ‘Number’ of the Hunt Group you want to edit

3. Tick the box for the Members that you want to delete, and press the ‘Delete Selected Members’ button.


To setup Hunt Group Voicemail and Voicemail to Email

  1. Login to the MyAccount Portal and select Hunt Groups.
  2. Select the hunt group you want the voicemail to be configured on.
  3. Next to Diversion Option there is a drop down box, select one of the following;

‘Ring Hunt Group, Then Divert To Voicemail’ or Divert to voicemail immediately.


The Voicemail service is now active. To also set up ‘Voicemail to Email’ redirection, follow a few extra steps:

1. In the 'Voicemail to Email' box on the same page, select either:

a) 'Forward Voicemail to Email, Delete from Server' – the voicemail will be automatically forwarded to your nominated email address and the voicemail content will be erased immediately from our server,

b) 'Forward Voicemail to Email, Leave on Server (Collect via 121)' – the voicemail will be automatically forwarded to your nominated email address, but will also be retained on our server, which you can access by dialling 121 from your VoIP line.

2. Enter your email address and recipient name and click 'Update'. You’re done!


Note: If a hunt group has another hunt group as a member ONLY the first hunt group can have voice mail configured.