Follow Me is a handy call‐directing feature that allows you to forward incoming calls to multiple numbers or to voicemail.

For example, you can redirect calls coming in to your desk phone to your mobile when you go out, so you can still answer calls when people try to call your office. The next step might be to redirect to your business partner's mobile or to voicemail.

1. Login to the MyAccount Portal and select ‘Phones’ in the left menu.

2. Click on the ‘Follow Me and Voicemail’ tab in the top menu and then ‘Add Follow Me’ and select one of the following:

• ‘Redirect immediately to Follow Me list’ ‐ sends calls to the numbers on your Follow Me list straight away,

• ‘Redirect to Follow Me on busy or no answer’ ‐ sends calls to your Follow Me list if you don't answer after a certain amount of time (you can adjust the time),

• Follow Me & Voicemail: ‘Redirect to Follow Me list then Voicemail on busy or no answer’ ‐ sends calls to the numbers on your follow me list, and if none answer, sends the call to voicemail.

To switch OFF the 'Follow Me' directions, select ‘No Follow Me’.

Note: The 'Follow Me' feature is free but does not include call costs, so if you redirect the calls to mobile or international destinations, these will be charged to your account at MyNetFone’s regular international rates. The caller will only pay for the call to the original destination number.