The Call Park and Pick feature is useful if you pick up a call, but then decide to move to a more private, quiet location.

You can park a call without specifying a receiving extension, and then pick up this call from any other phone on the same Virtual PBX Account and continue to talk.

NOTE: Both incoming and outgoing calls can be parked and picked up again. A maximum of 10 calls can be parked at the same time.


Parking a Call

1. While on an active call, dial the following code on the keypad of your phone: *2700# The call will be placed on hold and the other party will hear the ‘Music on Hold’.

2. An audio cue will tell you what ‘Parking Slot’ number the call has been parked in. Note down or memorise this Parking Slot number (Example: 701).

The audio cue will be repeated, so don’t worry if you miss the number the first time.

3. Once you have the Parking Slot number, disconnect the call as per normal.


Picking up a Previously Parked Call

1. Find a phone from which you want to continue the call – the location of the phone does not matter, as long as it is on the same Virtual PBX as the original phone.

2. Dial the Parking Slot number.

3. The call that was previously parked will be picked up and you can continue to talk.