The Remote Pickup feature is useful if another phone is receiving an incoming call, and you want to answer that call on your own phone instead (for example, if the other phone is unattended but you cannot leave your desk).

NOTE: Remote Pickup only works if your phone and the other phone are a part of the same Virtual PBX Account.


How to use Remote Pickup

To pickup an incoming call from another phone, simply dial ** and then either the Short Code (similar to extension number) or the MyNetFone number of the phone that you want to pick up the call from.

For example: Phone ‘A’ has a Short Code of 2000 and a MyNetFone Number of 09001234.

If Phone ‘A’ receives an incoming call, you can remotely pick it up from any phone on the same Virtual PBX account by dialing either **2000 or **09001234.

HINT: Ask your office IT Manager or the person who looks after the phone system to provide you with the list of Short Codes for phones you frequently call within the Virtual PBX.