You can relocate your MyNetFone Business Naked ADSL2+ service as long as the service is available in the area you are moving to.

  1. Check the coverage at your new address using our online Coverage Checker - click here.
  2. If you have confirmed that you have coverage at your new place, please contact us.
  3. Return the form to the email address or fax number provided at the end of the form. 
  4. If you have any additional inquiries related to your broadband service relocation, you may also call our Customer Service Team on 1300 733 995.

Please note, Residential DSL plans cannot be migrated due to cease-sale.

If there is no coverage at your new address, you will not be able to relocate your MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+ service and will have to cancel it. If you are within your contract term at the time of cancellation, a contract termination fee may apply.