First of all, make sure your device is compatible for use with MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+ by checking our list of tested and approved devices - click here to see the list.

If it is not listed, then we do not recommend that you use it with our service - instead you can get a great-value device from us, and it will arrive pre-configured so all you have to do it plug it in! Check out MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+ devices - click here.

If your device is on the list, and you want to BYO to the MyNetFone service, then you will need to do some minor configuration for it by selecting the following settings on it:

Once this has been done, you can plug the device to your phone line and you should see 'line sync' after around 30 seconds or so.

If you are not sure it indicates that it has line sync, please check your device manual.

If you are purchasing a device from MyNetFone, you will not have to change any configuration settings, as devices provided by MyNetFone are pre-configured.