Please try the following basic trouble shooting steps:

The first thing to do is to switch off your ADSL modem and any computers which are connected to it. After five minutes, switch your modem back on; you'll want to give it a few minutes to get itself settled again. If the modem looks okay, switch your computers back on and see if the Internet's working again. If one of the devices has ‘glitched', doing this should fix it (turning something off and back on again shortly after is called power cycling).

Connect the lead of your telephone line straight into the DSL port of your modem, disconnecting any filters or computers, and turn the modem on.

If the service still doesn't work during isolation test, please call our Customer Support team on 1300 731 048.

If the service does work during the isolation test, then the fault lies with your filter or another device you had connected to the phone line or modem.

If you've recently changed the password for your account, it's possible the modem doesn't know the new password yet and is still using the old one. You'll need to go to its address using your web browser to update your password.

If you've already power cycled your modem, and it still doesn't work, it's a good idea to browse into it now and check to make sure your settings haven't been ‘forgotten'. If the settings are missing, add them back in.

If your username and password settings are still in there and you're still not able to browse the Internet yet, please call out Customer Support Team on 1300 731 048 between 8am-12am AEDT Monday to Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday.