Calls from one MyNetFone user to another are FREE – untimed*, anywhere, anytime!

Get your family, friends and colleagues to join the MyNetFone service and you can call each other for FREE!. You can talk anytime of the day and night - and it's all free. The other MyNetFone user can be in the same city, interstate and even overseas. Get them to join now and build your own free call network!

Super LOW International call rates!

Make calls to your family and friends overseas with super LOW international rates. Check out the rates on MyNetFone website, and see how much you will save!

Quality service, quality products!

Low cost doesn’t mean low quality with MyNetFone. MyNetFone delivers genuine savings with only the highest quality customer service, functionality and voice quality.

Convenience and Flexibility – take the MyNetFone service ANYWHERE!
Take your MyNetFone number and service with you wherever you go. Plug into the local broadband connection and start making phone calls away from your normal location. Either when you move from the office to home, when you travel, or even when you move home completely - since you are using the internet to connect, it does not matter where you are!

Pack the MyNetFone soft-phone or USB phone with your laptop computer when you travel interstate or overseas. Make and receive phone calls as if you were at home or still in the office.

Free Voicemail Box!

Set up your personal greetings and have your family and friends leave messages to you when you are not available to take their calls. Ideal for when travelling as you can collect your messages from anywhere.

* Free or untimed calls are subject to MyNetFone's Fair Use Policy. Please check MyNetFone Terms and Conditions. After the first 100 included untimed calls, Global calls will be charged at standard per minute rates.