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Young People Choosing Social Media over Driver’s License



The number of young people holding a driver’s license has been declining over the last 15 years in a trend being attributed to the rise of social media. According to data from VicRoads, the number of driver’s license holders under the age of 25 has declined from 77% in 2000-01 to 66% in 2012-13 with estimates the current number is even lower.

A more recent study from the US shows the trend is being echoed globally. Researchers from the University of Michigan reported that driver’s license holders between the ages of 20-24 had plummeted over the last decade with 82% in 2008, 79.7% in 2011 and 76.7% in 2014.

Researchers at Michigan University, believe that social media and digital communications are (in part) responsible for the decline in young drivers. The theory is that younger people are opting to connect with friends online through Facebook, SnapChat or Instagram and no longer feel the need for as much face-to-face connection.

The number of driver’s license holders in older demographics, 45 years and over, either remained consistent or increased. In 2014, for the first time recorded, there were more drivers aged over 70 than 20-24 year-olds, the seniors beating them by 1.3%.

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