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Rise of the GranTechies

Whether it’s embarrassing grandchildren on Facebook, or trying to rewind a DVD - the older members of our community have a bad reputation when it comes to technology. However, it turns out these stereotypes might be a thing of the past.

According to a study conducted by NBN Co, tech-savvy grandparents have transitioned comfortably into the digital age with 93% using the internet daily.

According to the NBN’s GranTechies report, Aussie grandparents are using broadband primarily for staying in touch with family and friends, through Skype, email and social media channels. It’s also boosted the confidence of seniors, with 59% saying they were just as internet-savvy as their younger counterparts.

Nan Bosler, President of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association, teaches seniors from 55 to 80+ how to use computers. And she says the older generation are not the tech dinosaurs we once labelled them.

“Seniors also use the internet like everybody else… for shopping, researching family history, taking online courses and buying airline tickets. I even have lots of students who are addicted to YouTube!”

While the internet is helping elderly Australians keep in contact with family and friends, Nan had a warning for the younger generation.

“It’s fabulous for keeping up with the grandkids. Although some of them need to remember to mind their P’s and Q’s once Grandma is on social media!”

While they might not be as quick on their feet, older Australians are certainly taking advantage of the latest in superfast broadband.

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Image source: NBN Co

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