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How Far Has the NBN progressed?

The National Broadband Network is on target to connecting 8 million premises by 2020, according to NBN Co's 2017-2020 corporate plan. This follows a big year in 2016, with the rollout hitting some significant milestones.

2016 Milestones

  Activated 916,000 new services.
  Connected 2.2 million premises.
  Launched Sky Muster satellite.
  Launched Fibre-to-the-Node NBN.


It's expected the NBN will reach the halfway point (4 million) of the rollout in mid-2017. There are currently 3.87 million connected premises, with 1.69 million of those actively using the service.

Overall Progress

Did you know?

Eventually everyone will have to be connected to the NBN.

The legacy copper network that provides DSL broadband and PSTN phone services will be disconnected roughly 18-months after NBN availability. With the significant progress made in 2016, it’s important to be aware of when service will be made available to your premises - you don't want to be caught offline when the legacy network is terminated!

Why not check if your premises is ready on the NBN coverage map. Just type in your address or drop a pin on the map to find out when NBN will be available in your area and what type of connection you can expect. Check the NBN coverage map.

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