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Kids spend more time online than watching TV

A toddler with an iPad isn't an uncommon sight in this digital age. And it’s certainly a sign of technological progress to see someone who's still in nappies operating a touch-screen computer.

So it’s probably no surprise that Australian kids are now spending more time using the internet than watching television.

A recent study from Roy Morgan Research revealed that Aussie kids between the ages of 6 and 13 spend an average of almost 12 hours a week online. This number has increased steadily over the last 8 years, doubling from 6 hours a week in 2008.

Not only has internet use increased significantly, it’s actually taken away from hours spent watching television. In 2008 youngsters spent 14.5 hours a week watching TV which dropped to 10.5 hours in 2016.

“The internet is taking time away from TV in large part because it’s what many kids now treat as television. Watching online videos is the most common internet activity, something two-thirds of kids do in an average four weeks. Almost one in four kids say YouTube is their number one favourite website,” said Roy Morgan Research CEO, Michele Levine. 

While time spent online dominates time spent watching television in total, it’s a different case when you only look at in-home entertainment. Almost 30 percent of kid’s internet usage is spent outside of the home, either at school or elsewhere. Kids are spending around 8 hours a week online at home, slightly less than the 10.5 hours of TV.


How Aussie Kids Spend Their Time

Source: Roy Morgan Research


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