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Are you overdue for a holiday? It's always nice to get away, but who’s there to stop your world falling apart without you? 

If you're out of the house, the Follow-Me function enables you to re-direct incoming calls to multiple numbers simultaneously or in succession. In other words - if you're not able to answer your home phone, the call can be diverted to your mobile, office or designated landline.

If you still want to keep tabs on your home life but don't feel like taking a call, you can have voicemails sent directly to your email as an audio file so you never miss a beat.

Manage these and other call features on the MyNetFone online portal.

Simply Login to your MyNetFone account portal and click on "My Voice Service"
Select "Follow Me and Voicemail" from the top menu and follow the prompts

Don't have a voice plan with MyNetFone yet?

Check out our VoIP plans and sign up here.

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