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New Case Study: Mark Schiliro and Associates with Virtual PBX

We have published a new case study focusing on practical application and benefits of Virtual PBX experienced by Mark Schiliro and Associates!

Virtual PBX is MyNetFone's revolutionary alternative to bulky and expensive traditional PBXs. In Mark Schiliro's case, it resulted in increased flexibility, new features, eliminated PBX maintenance costs and saved Mark Schiliro and associates an estimated 55% on ongoing communication spend. It could do just as much for your business!

“The MyNetFone Virtual PBX solution provides us with all the features of a traditional PBX, but at a much lower price and without the need to call a technicaian every time we need to change a setting – now we can just do it ourselves through the online portal”

- Mark Schiliro, Director,
Mark Schiliro and Associates

Read the Case Study to get the full story - click here!


Case Study: Mark Schiliro and Associates with Virtual PBX


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