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January VoIP Sale extended!

Due to popular demand, MyNetFone January VoIP Sale has been extended until 31st march 2009.

According to Australian Government authorities, if you're spending an average of $100 per month on your phone bills, then you're paying way too much*!

With MyNetFone MegaSaver Yearly Plan, get your phone bills down to less than $100...A YEAR!
And if you call mobiles a lot, check out MyNetFone MegaSaver Premium Yearly Plan to cut your phone bills INSTANTLY!

With only 2 weeks left to take advantage of MyNetFone amazing Yearly Plans, you’d better hurry if you don’t want to miss out!

Click here NOW for BIG SAVINGS on your phone bills!

Hurry up! Offer expires 31/03/09!


MegaSaver Yearly Plans

*ACMA Communications Report 2007-08, 14th November 2008

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