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Interoperability Certification Achieved between MyNetFone & Panasonic

Whether you are you selling Panasonic TDE phone systems or using them, MyNetFone has some great news for you!

You can now use Panasonic TDE Phone systems to connect to MyNetFone and use our SIP Trunking service with the peace of mind that interoperability will not be an issue.

The benefit of using a MyNetFone SIP Trunk with your Panasonic TDE phone system is that you can connect directly to the public network via VoIP, saving the need for expensive ISDN trunk services.


The MyNetFone SIP Trunk service is a fully featured next generation digital trunk service, replacing legacy ISDN basic rate and primary rate services. The service provides all the features of ISDN together with new network based VoIP services such as unified messaging, network based follow-me services and multi-site trunk management. 

Moving to VoIP has never been easier than with MyNetFone and Panasonic TDE Phone systems!

Find out more about MyNetFone SIP Trunking service NOW to save on your business phone bills and extend your communication over IP in all work locations!

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