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GlobalSaver Premium plan: More of the world for you to call and chat with!

MyNetFone is taking over the world - literally!

Do you want to reach more friends, relatives or business contacts overseas on our incredible global untimed rate of 10c? Do you think the GlobalSaver plan with its 31 countries is not enough?

We're thrilled to announce that you can now call more parts of the world, with the GlobalSaver Premium Plan. It's the ultimate solution to your international chatty needs!

With GlobalSaver Premium plan you can now make untimed 10c calls to more than 70 countries, plus any landline in Australia for just $24.95 a month. Well, that is, if you use all of the 100 FREE calls included each month! And of course, all our handy features such as voicemail, call waiting, call ID and much more are also included for FREE!

The covered countries are:

Australia - anytime, anywhere

Andorra Colombia Indonesia
Netherlands Spain
Argentina Costa Rica
Iraq New Zealand
Austria Croatia
Ireland Norway
Bahamas Cyprus North
Israel Pakistan
Bahrain Cyprus South
Panama Thailand
Bangladesh Czech Republic Jordan
Peru Turkey
Belgium Denmark
United Kingdom
Bermuda Finland Latvia Portugal
United States of America*
Brazil France
Liechtenstein Romania
Brunei* Germany
Bulgaria Greece
Luxembourg Singapore* Zambia
Canada* Hong Kong
Macau Slovakia
Canary Islands
Chile Iceland
South Africa
China* India

Monaco South Korea    

Countries with a * indicate calls to mobile phones are also covered by the Global Untimed rate.

Other countries not listed are covered by MyNetFone's great low cost per minute rates. For more information on these rates, please click here.

If you want to be part of the international landscape and get tuned to over 4.9 Billion people for the cost of a local call, click here for full plan details on GlobalSaver Premium. Customers may upgrade at any time on the MyNetFone MyAccount Portal. Standard MyNetFone terms and conditions apply.

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