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The Must-Have Mobile Apps for 2019

The number of people who own a mobile phone in Australia is expected to hit 20 million this year, with the overwhelming majority of those being smartphones. Mobiles have become almost indispensable to our daily life and many of us can’t even go an hour or two without checking in. With the take-up of smartphones only set to increase in 2019, here are five must-have mobile apps.


Jane Austen once wrote that “without music, life would be a blank” – a sentiment that still rings true over 200 years later! With the advent of streaming services like Spotify, music has become a lot more accessible as people can carry an endless library of music around with them in their pocket. There’s plenty of other music apps for you to download too, like ones that allow you to listen to both national and international radio stations or apps that let you tune in to your favourite podcasts.


One of the most common New Years resolutions that people set for themselves is around exercising more and your smartphone can help you stay committed to your fitness goals for 2019. If you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home, there are apps that can show you how to correctly do certain exercises, walking you through tailored workouts without ever having to hire a personal trainer. If you’re a runner, there’s apps that can track your steps, distance, calories burned and much more.



We could all afford to be a little more productive, so why not download an app to help streamline your life? There’s to-do lists to help you organise your tasks for the day, shopping lists to keep track of everything you need to buy for the week and even apps that can store all of your passwords in one single, secure place. If you’re out and about and need access to smart technology, there’s apps for digitally signing documents, editing PDFs and transferring files, so you can get more done in the day.


Games can help us switch off and decompress after a long day – as a result, games are amongst some of the most popular and well-reviewed apps out there. Whether you want to beat that next level in Angry Birds or challenge your brain with a Sudoku puzzle, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store have close to 20 subcategories under the main ‘Games’ category. No matter if you’re looking for Adventure games, Board games, Family games or Trivia games, you’re sure to find something to your liking.



In today’s ever-connected world, it can feel like we’re bombarded with constant news updates any time we log onto social media. Apps like Flipboard can curate your news from a variety of handpicked sources, allowing you to stay across all the latest developments in the areas of interest that matter most to you. Most major news organisations have their owns apps as well, so it’s easy to stay in the know as reported by your favourite channel or publication (especially if you turn push notification alerts on).

How to find the right apps for you

With so many apps out there, you might be wondering how to find the right ones for you. Google is always a good starting point, given the wealth of reviews and comparisons online, while the app stores themselves also allow you to search by category, view user feedback and read about their features.


Worried about burning through your mobile data with all your new apps?

Our mobile plans offer up to 15GB of data.

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How to make the most of your VoIP service

While the NBN rollout spells the end of traditional landlines, many Australians are finding the humble home phone still has a role to play in the new NBN world. While some choose to go mobile-only, others want to keep their home phone number for peace of mind, continuity or sometimes even sentimental reasons.

Although the technology delivering the calls is changing from old copper lines to internet-based voice (VoIP), it’s still the exact same experience (and often the same handset) for those choosing to keep a home phone connection and their existing phone number. Here are three ways to make the most of your VoIP home phone service and how MyNetFone makes it easy for you.

International calling, simplified

It can be hard to keep in contact with friends and families when they move away, but a VoIP home phone makes staying in touch simple, no matter where in the world your loved ones may be.

The upside of using a home phone to make these calls is that you can dial anytime, a stark contrast to mobile apps where you often have to wait for the person to be online or logged in before you can even try calling.

MyNetFone offers unlimited call inclusions on up to 70 countries (depending on the plan you select) with international calls to other locations starting as low as 1.9 cents per minute. Popular European countries like France, Germany, Spain and Italy are all included, while numerous countries in both South America and the Middle East are also represented. If you want to get in touch with somebody in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore or the U.S.A, MyNetFone’s All Rounder and Global Hero home phone plans also include calls to mobiles as well!

An abundance of added features

MyNetFone gives you a wealth of handy features on top of providing great value. Here’s just a few:

  • Voicemail to Email can send missed call messages straight to your inbox so you never miss another voicemail.
  • Call forwarding allows you to direct your incoming calls to another number.
  • Call waiting notifies you if another call is coming in, allowing you to then switch between the two conversations.
  • Do Not Disturb can divert calls straight to your voicemail when you need a bit of peace and quiet.
  • Meet-Me-Conferencing gives you the option of linking multiple calls together into one, meaning you can organise that get-together with everybody on the same call!

Voicemail to Email

Call Waiting


Extra phone numbers you might not realise you need

Did you know that you can have more than one phone number? You can set up an additional number in another area so that anybody living in that area can call you for the cost of a local call. Available locations for numbers range from Adelaide to Alice Springs, Cairns to Canberra, Geelong to Gladstone and close to 50 other cities in Australia, in addition to 11 locations in New Zealand! You can check out all the possible locations for additional phone numbers on our website.

Find out more about our full range of VoIP features

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