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Netflix Dominates On-Demand Market

Netflix is being used by almost 5 million Australians according to Research Analyst Roy Morgan. Since its launch in early 2015 the on-demand video streaming service has dominated the Australian market, leaving home-grown competitors Stan and Presto battling it out for a distant second place.

While all three services were launched at the same time in Australia, Netflix already had an estimated 200,000 Australian subscribers accessing the service through geo-dodging software before its official 2015 launch.

 Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, March - May 2016


Netflix has substantially more subscribers than Stan and Presto, but another advantage is its number of paid subscriptions. As the 3-month-trial period is coming to an end, a much higher proportion of Netflix users are paying for the service than for Stan and Presto. 

 Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, March - May 2016

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Facebook vs Clickbait

You’ll never guess what Facebook has done this time. The answer will shock you…

It’s hard to think of a time when Facebook wasn’t littered with these kind of sensationalist headlines vying for our cursor’s attention. In a climate where clicks mean dollars, clickbait has wedged its way to become an annoying yet accepted part of social media. Now, Facebook is fighting back.

A dedicated team has reviewed tens of thousands of headlines to identify those that intentionally mislead, exaggerate and withhold information. Think: “Her reaction was priceless,” and “what happens next is hard to believe.”

They used these common phrases to build a filter to reduce the amount of clickbait that would appear in the news feed. Facebook will then penalise any repeat offenders so that all of their content rates lower. The change comes after feedback from consumers, concerned with the amount of misleading headlines in their news feed.

“People have told us they like seeing authentic stories the most. That’s why we work hard to understand what type of stories and posts people consider genuine, so we can show more of them in News Feed,” said Facebook research scientist, Alex Peysakhavoich in Facebook News.

Facebook plan to continually develop their algorithm to improve user experience and will implement the clickbait filter over the coming weeks.

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