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MyNetFone Launches FTTN/B


We have some exciting news... 

MyNetFone have launched NBN Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Building/Basement (FTTB), dramatically increasing the number of premises that can now take advantage of our competitive NBN plans.

Currently we provide NBN to customers with a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Fixed Wireless connection.

MyNetFone will now be able to provide customers with NBN FTTN/B, which both use a mixture of new fibre optic cables and existing copper infrastructure to deliver ultra-fast internet.

Fibre to the Node

FTTN connects fibre optic cables to a common node in your neighbourhood. From there, existing copper cabling will be used from the node to each premises in the immediate area.

Fibre to the Basement/Building

FTTB connects fibre optic cables directly to a fixed point on a multi-dwelling building. The internal copper cabling will then continue the connection to each individual premises.

NBN Co predicts that 38% of premises will connect to the network using either FTTN or FTTB technology. The NBN recently hit a significant milestone with its 1 millionth customer connecting to the service, this is from a potential 2.5 million premises that currently have access to NBN. 

To find out if your premises is NBN-ready, contact one of our helpful sales staff on 1300 731 048.


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