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MyNetFone Sails Flying High at Richard Branson’s Private Island

Following a major expedition in 2013, the MyNetFone pink kites live on & continue their adventures.

In 2013, MyNetFone sponsored a kitesurfing team called the Pink Torres on their Kitesurfing expedition to cross the Torres Strait to Papua New Guinea. Part of MyNetFone’s contribution were the distinct pink kites that safely delivered the team to their destination. The purpose of the expedition was to raise money for the McGrath Foundation, an amazing not-for-profit company which provides nurses to breast cancer patients.

Members of that Kitesurfing team recently got invited to Richard Branson’s private island (Necker island) to discuss their expedition, along with an esteemed group of entrepreneurs & scientists that kitesurf.

So the pink MyNetFone kite sails spent their days leading the kitesurfers around Necker Island and the nearby Eustatia Island which is owned by Google’s cofounder Larry Page. Meanwhile a member of the Pink Torres was invited to do a talk on their expedition in Richard Branson’s living room.

Richard Branson himself is famed for crossing the English Channel – but at a mere 40km it is a drop in the ocean compared to the 400km the Pink Torres team traversed on their journey to cross the Torres Strait.

The $75,000 the Pink Torres raised from that expedition has made them one of the largest contributors to the McGrath Foundation – which continues to do great work helping breast cancer patients.

Learn more about the Pink Torres incredible journey here.

If you would like to further a great cause you can donate to the McGrath Foundation by clicking here

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Australia Day Operating Hours 2015

Get prepared for a long weekend as Australia day is on its way! On Monday 26th January everyone across nation will be able to embrace what it means to them to be part of Australia, most likely with BBQ's, beaches and listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown.  

On this national day of celebration (Monday 26th January), please take note of the MyNetFone Contact Centre operating hours: 

  • Residential Support: OPEN 9am - 5pm (AEST) 
  • Business Support: CLOSED
  • Residential & Business Sales: CLOSED
Emergency support will continue to be available for urgent matters.

Regular operating hours will resume from Tuesday, 27th January 2015, we apologise for any inconvenience. 

Australia Day 2015 - MyNetFone 

Australia Day Facts:

  • Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January each year and commemorates the first landing in Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip.
  • Under British rule Australia was initially intended as a penal colony, where the ruling class of 18th century England sent criminals considered to be incapable of rehabilitation.
  • The name Australia was first suggested by Captain Matthew Flinders, an English navigator and surveyor. 'Australia' is derived from Latin 'australis', meaning southern. The continent was officially christened Australia in 1824.
  • Australia day is designed to also be a day of acceptance - many people officially become citizens of Australia on Australia Day at Citizenship Ceremonies across the nation

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