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Queens Birthday Public Holiday Operating Hours

The long weekend is approaching! All Australian states, with the exception of Western Australia, will be recognising Monday 9th June 2014 as the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Our operating hours this Queen's Birthday (Monday 9th June 2014) are:

  • Residential Call Centre will be operating at the reduced hours of 9am to 6pm AEST on 1300 731 048. 
  • Business Call Centre will be available during regular hours (8am to 6pm AEST) on 1300 887 899.

Some fun facts about the Queen’s Birthday Holiday:

The date Australia and New Zealand publically celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is not her real birthday. In fact it’s not even the correct month - Queen Elizabeth II’s actual birthday is 21st April!

The Queen’s Birthday is not recognised as public holiday in her homeland of England - they attend work as usual.

Queen Elizabeth II's birthday was celebrated on the second Thursday of June for the first seven years of her reign. When midweek became inconvenient, it was changed. 

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