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VoIP demonstrates value of NBN – Customer Case Study

The NBN rollout is the ideal opportunity for Australians to embrace VoIP phone services and the digital age. With VoIP, sound quality largely depends on your internet connection speed, which is inherently variable on ADSL2+. The NBN provides better speed and minimal latency, superior to even the high speeds of ADSL2+, ensuring perfect sound quality for VoIP calls comparable to, if not better than, traditional copper phone lines.

We recently launched a range of residential NBN broadband plans in Armidale, Kiama and greenfield sites (new housing developments) around Sydney and Melbourne. As our plans are gathering traction in these areas, our customers find that they can switch to VoIP and cut their monthly phone bills by eliminating annoying ‘line rental’ costs associated with the old copper line network.

Although VoIP works well with any ADSL2+ connection, we expect the NBN’s improved speed and accessibility will further boost adoption in both residential and business markets, especially with the recently announced countdown to the removal of copper lines.

NBN is not just for the techy youngsters

Possibly most surprising is the fact that it is not only tech-savvy younger generations who embrace the NBN and value added services like VoIP. The baby boomers - who are not often considered to be the most embracing of new technology – are jumping on the NBN bandwagon and using its capabilities to receive better services at a lower price.

Our first customer to sign up on MyNetFone’s residential NBN service plan, Warren Weekes, is a retiree based in Kiama on the south coast of New South Wales. He heard about the NBN being available in his area through his golf buddies at the Kiama golf club and was keen to take advantage of the new services on offer. Eventually, he swapped his Telstra BigPond Internet connection and fixed line to go ‘all IP’ with MyNetFone VoIP.

Reliability & Savings

Download speeds do not matter all that much for Warren, as he mainly uses the web to research holiday destinations, plan and book holidays, send emails and complete online banking. However he has seen a different benefit of the NBN – reliability. His previous connection often crashed and he is now enjoying a more stable service.

Warren, like many others, initially had reservations about using VoIP, but he is now very happy with his new service, which allows him to connect several VoIP-enabled cordless handsets around the house and save approximately $60 a month on line rental and call charges.

Features & Flexibility

He was also impressed by how easy it was to make changes to his service settings via the online portal (for example to divert calls to mobile) and was particularly happy with our unique number porting capabilities, which allowed his family to retain their existing phone number. Warren now considers himself a bit of a ‘VoIP ambassador’ on Kiama’s green.

Warren’s example shows that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Light internet users, who mostly use the internet for email, internet browsing and social networking, may not need the maximum speed and download allowances the NBN can deliver. Our NBN plans cater for the needs of our customers with a range of available connection speeds and quotas starting from 12/1 mbps and 20GB for $39.95 a month, and optional VoIP plans starting from $9.95 with 200 included calls Australia-wide.

Find out more about our Residential NBN plans or Business NBN plans.

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Changes to our homepage - Portal Login now via a link at the top of any page

The MyNetFone website homepage has been refreshed to make it easier to find out information about the different service types we provide for Residential, Business and Enterprise/Government customers.

As part of this homepage update, we have moved the MyAccount Portal login field onto its own dedicated page. The Portal Login link will now be visible at the top of any page on our website. Simply click of the 'Login' link to go to the MyAccount Login page & enter your details as usual.

Keep this change in mind the next time you're looking for the MyAccount Portal Login field.

MyNetFone Homepage update

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It’s National Telework Week!

Announcing Australia's first National Telework Week (Nov 12 – 16), the Government wants more employers and employees to reap the social, economic and environmental benefits of telecommuting, with the goal to double Australia's telework rate by 2020.

While the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will further assist in increasing Australia's level of telework, many organisations can start embarking on the journey today through a standard ADSL2+ Internet connection that enables teleworkers to do their job from home.

Telework Week Australia

Teleworking in the Cloud

Already, many companies opt for virtual offices, and cloud telephony is increasingly gaining traction as a solid alternative to traditional phone systems, helping companies save on overheads, monthly communications spend and access more features.

For example, South Australian management consulting and chartered accounting firm, JaquillardMinns, recently deployed MyNetFone’s Virtual PBX to connect its head office in Adelaide with branches in Melbourne and Manila, Philippines. This type of hosted VoIP service 'in the cloud' presented the best option in terms of cost savings and functionality to empower the company’s teleworking strategy, spanning two different states and countries, and also allows a growing number of employees to work from home.

All the Phone System Features - at Home

With Virtual PBX, companies such as JaquillardMinns can enable employtees working from home or regional offices to receive and transfer calls, access other staff in the company by dialing an extension, and be part of call hunt groups same as if they were in the main office. The home office can be located anywhere, even interstate or overseas – as long as there is a reliable internet connection, the phone can be connected to the main business Virtual PBX phone system and the calls between remote/home offices and the main business premises are free.

The rise of 'no office' organisations

Indeed, there doesn’t have to even be a centralised office at all. If a business decides to operate from several disparate homes/offices, employees can connect into one virtual phone system – all they need to do is give each member a phone which is already preconfigured with Virtual PBX settings.

We would love to hear from you. Does your company support teleworking?

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