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MoNetFone Movember Competition

Movember is upon us once again, a cracker of a month that highlights men’s health issues (specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male depression) by celebrating the moustache! Yes that’s right, the moustache, one of nature’s greatest accessories, universally considered manly, sexy and irresistible. Tom Selleck, anyone?

This year, MyNetFone is getting behind the cause with a generous competition. As our staff (Team MoNetFone) attempt to grow their greatest mo’s, we’d like you to show us what you’ve got too!

MyNetFone will donate $200 each to the Movember fund of the staff member and Facebook fan with the most popular mo.

Competition Rules:

  • Submit your photos on the MyNetFone Facebook page wall. To ensure that all photos have an equal chance of being judged and are not lost along the wall, these will then be uploaded to a dedicated Movember album. Feel free to tag yourselves in these photos.
  • To be eligible, all entrants are required to submit at least 2 photos (before and after) so the awesomeness of your mo can be appropriately judged by the public.
  • Winners of the ‘Most Popular Mo’ will be selected based on the number of ‘Likes’ received on photos in the dedicated Movember album. The mo journey is just as important as the final mo, so the number of ‘Likes’ accumulated throughout your facial adventures will be counted.
  • This competition is open to all MyNetFone Facebook fans who have registered with Movember.
  • All entries must be submitted by 29 November 2011. Winners will be selected and announced on Wednesday, 30 November 2011.

So give those razors a break and prepare your upper lip for that glorious moustache you’ve always dreamed of. Gather your Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, get them to support your mo-venture by ‘Like’-ing your photos (and our staff’s too!) and most importantly, don’t forget to update us on your mo-gress!

If you’re not up to a moustache you can still show your support for men’s health by donating to the MoNetFone Movember Team.

Good luck and mo power to all!

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