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Report: VoIP users dropping landlines, keeping numbers

MyNetFone has been featured in an exclusive ITWire article about the changing perception of VoIP, based on the results of our VoIP usage survey.

The survey results showed that a huge 1 in 4 of MyNetFone's subscribers have got rid of their landline in favour of VoIP - an increase of 17% since this time last year. This translates into a saving of up to $400 per year for households that no longer have to pay line rental fees. Instead, consumers are opting for ‘no landline’ internet options like Naked DSL or Cable, both of which deliver sufficient bandwidth to run up to 2 VoIP phone lines.


This trend is likely to increase even further thanks to Local Number Portability offered by MyNetFone. Until recently, a major concern for people looking to get rid of their landline was whether they would lose their current phone number. Not anymore! Customers can now move their existing phone number ‘into the cloud’ and use it on the MyNetFone VoIP service thanks to the company’s bilateral agreements with other industry players including Telstra, Optus, AAPT/Powertel and GoTalk.

As ITWire reports, MyNetFone technical director Rene Sugo predicts that more consumers will switch from fixed line to VoIP now that phone numbers can be ported. "This will help consumers avoid paying costly line rental and allow them to take advantage of superior call handling features included for free with the VoIP service, including Voicemail to email, 'Follow me' call forwarding and more," he said.

This demonstrates a huge shift in consumer’s attitude to IP based communications services ahead of the NBN rollout. VoIP has transformed from being seen as an ‘add-on service for cheap calls’ in the early days to now being a ‘real alternative’ as a replacement for traditional landlines. Indeed, VoIP will become the ‘default’ home phone option in the NBN environment and a ‘must have’ service offering for all communications providers – something MyNetFone is already in a prime position to take advantage of, as the survey shows.

Click here to read the full ITWire Article.

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Finalist Reception for the City of Sydney Business Awards, sponsored by MyNetFone

As sponsors of the City of Sydney Business Awards, our team attended the Finalist Reception on 3rd August at the Customs House.

Rene Sugo, Technical Director of MyNetFone, took the stage to answer some questions about our experience with the Awards - did you know that MyNetFone has been a finalist twice and then won the Award in 2009 before stepping up as a Sponsor in 2011?

MyNetFone's support of the City of Sydney Business Awards reflects our commitment to helping small businesses grow. Our services facilitate this by delivering 'big business' features without the high price-tag, helping small businesses present themselves professionally and communicate with their customers more efficiently.

What a great night at the Finalists Reception! Congratulations to all the finalists & good luck for the final stretch!

Attendees registering at the Finalist Reception

Rene Sugo, MyNetFone Technical Director, takes the stage

Rene Sugo explains MyNetFone's special offer -

Free Virtual Fax Yearly for all nominees in the City of Sydney Business Awards.

A great turn-out for the Finalist Reception, and a fun night!


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