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News for Twitter aficionados - we're merging our @MNF_Promo and @MNF_Tech feeds into once easy to find @mynetfone twitter account!

If you were already following @MNF_Promo, you'll notice the name has changed to '@mynetfone' & you don't need to do anything. If you were following @MNF_Tech, we encourage you to follow @mynetfone instead, as all new tweets will be coming from this account only.

Not following us yet? Now's a good time - get latest updates, new features, sales info... and more in a snappy 140 characters.

Click here to go to our Twitter page & follow us!

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Direct Debit now available for Naked DSL customers

If you have a MyNetFone Naked DSL service, you can now register for automatic top-ups via Direct Debit at the end of each billing cycle. No more worrying about when is your bill due or how much balance is there on your MyNetFone Account!

To register for Direct Debit, please download the Direct Debit form and return the completed form by Faxing it to (02) 8008 8006 or emailing a scanned copy to

Note: This Payment Method is currently not available to customers on VoIP-only services.

For the full list of payment options available to Residential VoIP and Naked DSL customers - click here.

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