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Increased Quotas on Naked ADSL2+ Plans

MyNetFone's Residential & Business Naked ADSL2+ Plans now come with even more value and more quota to give you more freedom to use the internet as you please without worrying too much about exceeding your quota!

For our Residential customers, we now have 2 NEW Plans starting from just $29.95 a month, and have increased the quotas on our Standard, Premium and Deluxe Plans (at no extra cost!).

To view our updated Residential Naked ADSL2+ Plans, please click here.

For our Business customers, we have more than doubled the quotas on some of our plans  to give your business more scope to use the internet.

To view our updated Business Naked ADSL2+ Plans, please click here.

For existing customers, your monthly quotas will be automatically increased at the start of your next billing cycle so you can start enjoying the added value at no extra cost!

If you would like to upgrade your plan:

  • Residential Customers: Simply contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 731 048 (or call 181 for free from your MyNetFone VoIP service) between 8.30am - 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am-4pm on Saturdays.
  • Business Customers: Simply contact our Business Sales Team on  1300 733 995 during business hours.

SPECIAL OFFER on Residential Naked ADSL2+ Standard Plan only!

For a limited time only, we are giving away a FREE modem and FREE Local and National Calls for a Year* on a 24 month contract with the Residential Naked ADSL2+ Standard Plan only! That's on top of the massive 100GB download quota all for just $59.95 per month!

So if you're looking for high-speed broadband with no line rental, then there's never been a better time to make the change!

Check out our new and improved Residential Naked ADSL2+ Plans

Check out our new and improved Business Naked ADSL2+ Plans

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NET added to approved equipment list for MyNetFone SIP Trunking

We are glad to announce that NET VX Series platform has fassed full-testing and is compatible with the MyNetFone SIP Trunking solution.

NET's VX Series is a comprehensive IP telephony solution, which in conjunction with MyNetFone SIP Trunking allows customers to leverage the cost savings and functional benefits of unified communications as well as simplifing the network by converging their PBX voice traffic onto a single converged data network.

Find out more about MyNetFone SIP Trunking here.

Or see the full list of approved equipment for MyNetFone SIP Trunking.

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Video Case Study - Find out how Virtual PBX saves one business $24,000 a year!

Want to hear about how Virtual PBX works in a real business situation? Now is your chance!

Find out what Mark Schiliro from MS&A Pty Ltd thinks of his Virtual PBx service from MyNetFone, how much his business saves and the client service improvements MS&A have experienced thanks to Virtual PBX's call features.

Check out our video case study now - go on, click 'play'.

Your business could benefit as well! Find out more - call 1300 797 191 or click here

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Network Maintenance this Friday, 14th May 2010

MyNetFone has scheduled maintenance for:

Date: Friday, 14th May 2010

Time: 4:50am - 7:50am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Expected Duration: 3 hours

Services Affected:

  • All calling card services will be affected for the entire period.
  • My Account portal and online shop will not be available for the entire period.        
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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BRW Fast Starter ranking higher than ever for MyNetFone

MyNetFone has done it again! Not only have we made it to BRW's Fast Starter's list, but this year we've jumped an amazing 10 spots ahead to rank 9th out of 100 Fastest Growing Start-ups in Australia.

We are delighted with this result, and it's a great reward after what has been a tough year for all companies. As Jane Lindhe from BRW said: "While many Australian companies scaled back their growth expectations in 2009, 100 of the country's fastest-growing start-up businesses only got stronger, increasing their turnover..."

Thank you to all our customers, staff and business partners for your support - couldn't have done it without you!

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Mother's Day Competition Main Prize Winners

We hope everyone had a great Mother's Day either as a Mum or with their Mums. It was great to see so many deserving mothers in need of free calls for a year in our Mother's Day competition. It was a tough call but the Main Prize winners are:

ACT - Joshua Mead
"When I was living overseas my Mum sent me a Voip phone and paid for a Mynetfone account so I could keep in contact with my family and friends. Now with all her kids moving away she needs free calls for a year!"

NSW - Louis Hoskinson
For her birthday I did some DIY. I accidentally cut through asbestos costing $1000 to clean up and potentially causing cancer. I need to make up for the error this time!"

QLD - Jennifer Belcher
"Many people claim to have a mother that could talk under water however my Mother could live up to this with ease. Once our call disconnected, I called back & she had still been talking while I wasn't there. She didn't notice. She definitely deserves free calls for a year.

SA - Chiara McKibbin
"VOIP is the best,
MYNETFONE offers more talk for less!
Mum never runs out of breath,
But no longer needs to stalk me via SMS!"

TAS - Adrian Nickols
My Mum is ambitious, brainy, compassionate, driven, elegant, fun, gentle, humble, intelligent, joyful, kind, loving, motivated, nurturing, outgoing, passionate, quirky, reliable, selfless, thoughtful, unique, virtuous, wise, Xtraordinary, youthful, zealous!! Here are just 26 reasons why Mum deserves free calls for a year!! But most of all, because she's AWESOME!!"

VIC - Nicole Cappelleri
"Through recessions and wars alike
Whenever us kids had a fight
Always there to motivate and inspire!
Mum is my mentor, the one I admire
For every second she held our hands
For every minute she took a stand
For every ones childish demands
How a phone would be grand!"

WA - Martin Chape
"My mum just turned ninety. She has a Facebook page and uses the internet like a pro. She doesnt understand VOIP and like many oldies sticks to Telstra. But I reckon she would leave Telstra if she had a free phone for a year."

Congratulations! You have won:

Main Prize: Siemens C470IP phone on a MegaSaver Premium Yearly plan

You will soon receive an individual email with prize delivery details.

Congratulations to all our winners!

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Mother's Day Competition Daily Winner (3-10 May)

It's great to see so many Mums in need of free calls for a year and deserving ones at that! It was a tough call but our daily winner for:

10 May 2010 is Nicole Cappelleri who wrote:

"Through recessions and wars alike
Whenever us kids had a fight
Always there to motivate and inspire!
Mum is my mentor, the one I admire
For every second she held our hands
For every minute she took a stand
For every ones childish demands
How a phone would be grand!"

9 May 2010 is Rachelle Schloeffel who wrote:

"VOIP would be my mums dream come true
On the phone talking all day till her face is blue.
I try to suggest tv or a walk, but all she wants to do is talk.
Please let me this fantastic prize. Mum won't believe her ears and eyes."

Mother's Day

8 May 2010 is John Klotz who wrote:

'Because it will save me money because I won't have to call her. Win Win situation."

7 May 2010 is Abby-Jane Walsh who wrote:

"My Mother in Law actually got us onto VOIP & My Net phone, so she definatley deserves a big thank you with Free Calls for a year for saving us a fortune! I love My net phone! Can't believe we ever lived without it.'"

Congratulations! You have won:

Daily Prize: Linksys SPA2102 adaptor on SuperSaver plan and $20 credit

You will soon receive an individual email with prize delivery details.

Previous Daily Winners:

6 May 2010 - Marcus Cunningham

"As Mum is almost tied to her phone, she's on it so much that it's almost part of her body yet she complains about the cost and if she won then cost would be a thing of the past.'"

5 May 2010 - Byron Myers

"She always has a phone to her ear, but the telephone bill brings no cheer, to see her happy all year round, a better deal could not be found, we live away from family and friends so to stay in contact it's on the phone she depends!"

4 May 2010 - Derek Field

"My Mum lost my Dad on 15 December last year. My Dad had emphysema but it was still a large unexpected shock when he died. My Mum deserves the free calls more than ever now, as she is alone, and needs to keep in contact with friends and family."

3 May 2010 - Debrah Bingham

"My son purchased MNF for me and gave me a years worth of phone calls and it was the best present ever last year, and i want to give my mother the same so we can all get Free Phone calls to each other."

Don't forget, you can enter as many times as you like and you don't have to be a MyNetFone customer to enter. So tell your brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends about this for their chance to win amazing daily prizes and a main prize for each state.

You've got to be in it to win it, so what are you waiting for? Enter Now!

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Linksys SPA2102 is BACK - Now in a $20 Starter Pack!

Our most popular VoIP Adaptor Linksys SPA2102 is back and is now available in a $20 Starter Pack (valued at $119.95)! At that great price, there's never been a better time to get started with VoIP.

With the Starter Pack and our VoIP service, you get all these great features:

  • 2 VoIP Phones Lines with the Linksys SPA2102 VoIP Adaptor included in the starter pack
  • Supports broadband fax
  • Premium voice quality and fax support
  • Free Voicemail Box and Voicemail-to-email
  • Caller ID Presentation
  • No STD Charges - all national calls are charged the same as local, and are untimed
MyNetFone VoIP Starter Pack Offer with SPA2102

To get the Starter Pack at that great price, simply join our MegaSaver or higher monthly plan and stay on it for 6 months - and that's easy to do once you see the savings on your phone bills!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our plans and get started!

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Free Bill Analysis for Business

Run a business? Find out how much your business could be saving on phone and internet costs!

It's free and with no-obligation, all you need to do is send us a filled-out request form and a copy of your recent business phone bill.

Satisfy your curiosity and take up our Free Bill Analysis offer today!

Find out more & give Free Bill Analysis a try - click here.

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