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MyNetFone Ranks 19th in BRW Fast Starters 2009 List!

MyNetFone has once again made the prestigious BRW Fast Starters List!

Even better, we have achieved the excellent ranking of 19... a big jump from an already good 89th spot last year!

The BRW Fast Starters List showcases the top 100 entrepreneurial and growing businesses from across the economy and highlights strategies and tactics they use to be successful.

The BRW Fast Starters 2009 issue is on sale from today (25th June). 

MyNetFone Ranks 19th in BRW Fast Starters 2009!

'Thank you' to all our customers who have helped make MyNetFone such a fast-growing, successful company!

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New Feature: Park and Pick-up

This new feature is great if you pick up a call, but then decide to move to a more private, quiet location!

With the Park and Pick-up feature you can park a call without specifying a receiving extension, so you can browse the office until you find a suitable location to pick up and continue the call.

Best of all, this feature is ready-to-use and FREE for all Virtual PBX Customers!

Can't wait to try it? Click here to find out how!

MyNetFone New Virtual PBX Feautre: Park and Pick-up

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New Virtual PBX Functionality: Receptionist Console!

The eagerly-awaited Receptionist Console functionality is here!

An ideal solution for a small or medium business, the Receptionist Console functionality allows a central receptionist to:

  • Quickly and effortlessly direct calls
  • Easily monitor line status to see who's on the phone
  • Access to up to 42 extensions at the touch of a button if using sidecar attachments
  • Choice of 2 prominent hardware brands: Linksys or Snom
  • Pick up calls coming into those extensions
Find out more - click here NOW!
MyNetFone Receptionist Console - Phone with Sidecar Attachment

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New Virtual PBX Feature: Line Monitoring & Call Pick-Up

These useful new Virtual PBX features allow you to see which line is busy, which has an incoming call, and if needed, to pick up the call incoming to the monitored line!

These features are especially useful for large or multi-location offices using the same Virtual PBX, where you cannot physically see whether someone is on call and can use Line-Monitoring instead.

MyNetFone new Virtual PBX Feature: Line Monitoring and Call Pick-up!

Another benefit is if someone is out of the office when a call comes in to their direct line, the receptionist (or anyone who has this feature enabled) can pick up the call instead - so an important call is never missed!

Find out more NOW!

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Virtual PBX User Guide Now Available!

To make our already easy-to-use Virtual PBX service even more user friendly, we are introducing the MyNetFone Virtual PBX User Guide!

It provides easy-to-follow instructions for:

  • setting up your Virtual PBX,
  • basic Phone functions,
  • configuring all your Virtual PBX functionality! 

Download the Virtual PBX User Guide - click here NOW!

Thinking of getting Virtual PBX? Contact our Business Sales team on 1300 733 995 during business hours or click here for more info!



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New Feature: CLI Overstamping

Based on customer requests, we have introduced a handy new feature to the MyNetFone VoIP Service: CLI Overstamping!

This simply means that you can present your 'original' PSTN or mobile CLI (Calling Line Identifier) while making calls using your VoIP service. So your friends, family or business clients can recognise your number and pick up the call!

CLI Overstamping on MyNetFone VoIP Service

The great news is CLI Overstamping is available for FREE to all MyNetFone VoIP Residential and Business Customers!

Find out how to use it - click here NOW!

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MyNetFone Celebrates 70,000 Customers!

We are very excited to announce that another milestone has been reached in the growth of MyNetFone: 70,000 customers!

The Team at MyNetFone would like to say a BIG 'Thank You' for your ongoing support and helping to spread the word about the amazing savings and the 'escape from your Telco' provided by MyNetFone! We could not have done it without you, our loyal customers!

MyNetFone Reaches 70 000 Customers! Thank you for your support! 
Have YOU told your friends about us yet? What are you waiting for - help them cut down their phone bills TODAY!

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MyNetFone End of Financial Year Sale has it ALL: BIG SAVINGS on your Phone & Broadband bills and amazing discounts on feature-rich equipment (some hardware is completely FREE! )

Whether you are after Naked ADSL2+ or VoIP, the savings on your bills will definitely make your Financial Year! 

Get all the details here! And don't forget to tell all your friends about the biggest ever MyNetFone Sale on VoIP and Naked ADSL2+!

Hurry up! Sale ends 30th June or while stocks last!

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