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Update: MyNetFone Call Centre is Open

The MyNetFone Call Centre is back to normal working hours, following the recent power outage which affected the Sydney CBD area.

Please feel free to once again contact our friendly team on 1300 731 048!

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

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Call Centre Closed due to Power Outage

The MyNetFone Centre is closed due to an unforseen power outage as of 5pm, Monday 30th March.

Please be patient, we will resume operation as soon as possible. In the meantime, please refer to the Support Section of this website, including the FAQ section. 

Apologies for any inconvenience!

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See Us at CeBIT - Get Your FREE Pass!

MyNetFone is already preparing for CeBIT and we're giving our customers FREE Passes to come and visit us!

CeBIT is the largest and most important business-to-business technology event in Australasia and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

So come, meet the team and learn about MyNetFone's latest business solutions, including SIP Trunking, Virtual PBX, Naked ADSL2+ and more!

See you at CeBIT - get your FREE Pass, courtesy of MyNetFone!
12-14 May, 2009

MyNetFone Stand D30, Hall 3,
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre,
Darling Harbour

We are in the VoIP and IP Communications category. Other show categories also include CRM, IT Hardware, e-Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation, Web Applications, Retail Business and Point of Sale, Satellite and Telecommunications, Future Parc and more. Find out more about CeBIT by clicking here.

Get your FREE Pass - register NOW at and enter the code mynetca09.

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New: Plantronics H251N and H251N-UNC SupraPlus Headsets!


The Plantronics H251N series headsets are the gold standard in performance and comfort - even for the most phone-intensive applications!

This headset features Plantronics-patented Sound Guard Plus and Call Clarity technology, allowing for even clearer conversations in noisy environments. Meanwhile, the adjustable headband and bendable microphone boom ensure all-day comfort. Plus, the easy-to-use Quick Disconnect feature places the caller on hold and lets you leave your desk without removing the headset.

New product: Plantronics H251N series Headsets

Make sure to order these headsets when making your virtual PBX or Linksys phone purchase from MyNetFone!

Find out more NOW: H251N kit and H251N-UNC kit!

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Interoperability Certification Achieved between MyNetFone & Panasonic

Whether you are you selling Panasonic TDE phone systems or using them, MyNetFone has some great news for you!

You can now use Panasonic TDE Phone systems to connect to MyNetFone and use our SIP Trunking service with the peace of mind that interoperability will not be an issue.

The benefit of using a MyNetFone SIP Trunk with your Panasonic TDE phone system is that you can connect directly to the public network via VoIP, saving the need for expensive ISDN trunk services.


The MyNetFone SIP Trunk service is a fully featured next generation digital trunk service, replacing legacy ISDN basic rate and primary rate services. The service provides all the features of ISDN together with new network based VoIP services such as unified messaging, network based follow-me services and multi-site trunk management. 

Moving to VoIP has never been easier than with MyNetFone and Panasonic TDE Phone systems!

Find out more about MyNetFone SIP Trunking service NOW to save on your business phone bills and extend your communication over IP in all work locations!

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January VoIP Sale extended!

Due to popular demand, MyNetFone January VoIP Sale has been extended until 31st march 2009.

According to Australian Government authorities, if you're spending an average of $100 per month on your phone bills, then you're paying way too much*!

With MyNetFone MegaSaver Yearly Plan, get your phone bills down to less than $100...A YEAR!
And if you call mobiles a lot, check out MyNetFone MegaSaver Premium Yearly Plan to cut your phone bills INSTANTLY!

With only 2 weeks left to take advantage of MyNetFone amazing Yearly Plans, you’d better hurry if you don’t want to miss out!

Click here NOW for BIG SAVINGS on your phone bills!

Hurry up! Offer expires 31/03/09!


MegaSaver Yearly Plans

*ACMA Communications Report 2007-08, 14th November 2008

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NEW PRODUCT: Netcomm NB9WMAXX Wireless VoIP Router !

Are you thinking of upgrading your VoIP Adaptor/Router? Are you looking for a new one?

The NetComm NB9WMAXX Wireless VoIP Router might just be what you're after!

With NetComm's NB9WMAXX, you have all of your Internet, networking and communication needs integrated into one stylish desktop unit eliminating the "clutter" of many separate devices!

Plus! The NB9WMAXX also supports Quality of Service (QoS) for excellent call quality even during period of heavy Internet use!

Don't delay! Click here NOW to get yours!

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New Case Study: Mark Schiliro and Associates with Virtual PBX

We have published a new case study focusing on practical application and benefits of Virtual PBX experienced by Mark Schiliro and Associates!

Virtual PBX is MyNetFone's revolutionary alternative to bulky and expensive traditional PBXs. In Mark Schiliro's case, it resulted in increased flexibility, new features, eliminated PBX maintenance costs and saved Mark Schiliro and associates an estimated 55% on ongoing communication spend. It could do just as much for your business!

“The MyNetFone Virtual PBX solution provides us with all the features of a traditional PBX, but at a much lower price and without the need to call a technicaian every time we need to change a setting – now we can just do it ourselves through the online portal”

- Mark Schiliro, Director,
Mark Schiliro and Associates

Read the Case Study to get the full story - click here!


Case Study: Mark Schiliro and Associates with Virtual PBX


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New Feature: Shared Access Numbers

We've introduced a great new feature to ensure even your friends and family with PSTN lines can save when calling you!

With Shared Access Numbers, your callers simply dial a Shared Access Number as a local call from almost anywhere in Australia, then enter your MyNetFone number as an extension and talk to you for the cost of a local call!

Find out more about Shared Access Numbers NOW!

MyNetFone new VoIP feature - Shared Access Numbers

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Global Access Numbers Update

MyNetFone wishes to advise that some Global Access Points numbers have changed

Please click here to find your local Global Access Point and check the number.

With MyNetFone FREE Global Access feature, make MyNetFone VoIP calls from any kind of phone service when you're away from home!

To take advantage of this great feature, simply:

  • Dial into a local Global Access Point from any pre-registered phone service (e.g. landline or mobile service)
  • Then dial out via your MyNetFone service.
It's a win win, with the second call billed to your MyNetFone service at low MyNetFone rates - giving you added convenience and increased savings when you're away from home! 

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