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Keep an Ear Out for Us on the Radio!

You've given us such a great response on the new Yearly Plans, that we've decided everyone deserve to know about them! So on the 2nd of February, MyNetFone is launching a radio campaign with WSFM to promote our great-value MegaSaver Yearly Plan!

We've even convinced Jonesy and Amanda to give VoIP a try, so keep your ears perked for their reviews!

MyNetFone VoIP Yearly Plans on WSFM!

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Buy Your Ticket to Freedom with MyNetFone Yearly Plans!

No need to enter the lottery or track all the way to Vegas! With MyNetFone's choice of unbeatable Yearly Plans, amazing rates and the option to pay by the month, now you can buy your ticket to freedom and save hundreds of dollars!

MegaSaver Yearly Plan

Ideal for anyone making a lot of local and national calls, this plan gives you the freedom to talk... and talk... and talk! With 100 FREE untimed Local/National calls every month for only $99 a year, sign up today and buy your ticket to freedom NOW!

MyNetFone MegaSaver Yearly Plan - FREE phone calls for a year!

MegaSaver Premium Yearly Plan

Do you make a lot of MOBILE calls, as well as local and national? Then the MegaSaver Premium Yearly Plan is perfect for you! Giving you 100 FREE minutes of calls to mobiles, as well as 100 FREE local/national calls every month for a year, all for only $199, you'll save heaps on your phone bills!

So don't miss out - hit the Jackpot NOW! Offer expires 15th March 2009!

MyNetFone MegaSaver Premium Yearly Plan - FREE call to mobiles for a year!

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MyNetFone Closed on Australia Day... see you at the beach!


Australia Day is coming up and we at MyNetFone will be dusting off the barbie, adding extra coconut to the lamingtons and hitting the beach!

MyNetFone office and Call Centre will be closed on Australia Day, 26th January 2009

We hope you celebrate what's great about our country in true Aussie spirit. Perhaps even be radical and learn the second verse of the national anthem!

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you have a great Australia Day!

MyNetFone Broadband Phone Service - Closed for Australia Day 26th January 2009

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New Feature for Global Access: Follow-On Calls!

To save you even more, we have introduced a new feature “Follow-On Calls" for our Global Access Service. Follow-On Calls ensure that you now don’t have to pay for extra calls into the MyNetFone Global Access System if you are making consecutive calls.

How Follow-On Calls work

When you dial into Global Access, you can press "##" on the keypad to hang up the current B-party and get a prompt to dial a new call. Additionally, if the B-party hangs up on the call, or the call fails, the follow-on mechanism will automatically provide you with a prompt to dial a new call. This saves you both money and time when making phone calls through Global Access.

MyNetFone Follow-me feature for Global Access VoIP service

What is Global Access?

Global Access, launched in 2007, allows you to make national or international phone calls at low MyNetFone rates, without broadband or VoIP devices, simply by registering your number with MNF and dialling into a MyNetFone Access Point. For more info, click here.

MyNetFone Global Access Service feature for VoIP calls

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MyNetFone New Year Sale - Special ends soon!

Due to popular demand, MyNetFone New Year Sale has been extended until 19th January 2009.

So HURRY - Save all year long with MyNetFone's MegaSaver Yearly Plan and take advantage of massive price reductions on VoIP Starter Kits!

With plans starting from $9.95 per month and VoIP Phone Adaptors from only $19.95, you'd better hurry if you don't want to miss out!

Click here NOW and Celebrate the Savings!


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