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Would you like to refer your friends and get VoIP Bonus directly credited into your account* without the chore of filling in a tedious and old-fashioned form?

With MyNetFone, it is now possible!

At the click of a button, use your social network to spread the word!

How does it work? It's dead easy! Log into the MyAccount portal directly from our website, and click on the "Refer A Friend" Tab (on the right-hand side).

From there, you can:

  • Add a link to your Social Network ( Facebook, MySpace, etc.)
  • Copy and Paste the "Refer A Friend" link in your Website or Blog

Remember! There is NO LIMIT to the number of friends you refer!  The Bigger your army, the more Bonus you'll get!

PLUS! MyNetFone Refer A Friend Special has been extended until the 30th of September!

So keep enrolling directly from the MyAccount Portal to get more VoIP Bonus directly credited into your account!

* For you to get your referral Bonus directly credited into your account, your friends MUST click on any of these 3 links (whether on your Profile, or your website or blog)

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SmartCompany Awards 2008: Another Final for MyNetFone!

We are overjoyed to announce MyNetFone has been successful in making the  Smart50 for the SmartCompany Awards 2008! Rewarding the fastest growing and most innovative companies of Australia in 2008, MyNetFone has beaten hundreds of entries to actually make the list! 

It's already a wonderful achievement but we'll have to wait until September 12th to find out if we have won the prestigious awards!

Stay tuned!

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NetComm V Series New Products and Prices

You wonder why we are a City of Sydney Business Awards finalist?  Very simple, we don't only offer outstanding service, we bundle it with the best products available at the lowest price! Check out our extended range of NetComm V series VoIP adaptors and new prices.

Too good to be true? Well browse our website now and see for yourself!

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MyNetFone: City of Sydney Business Awards Finalist!

It is just amazing how you guys supported MyNetFone in the City of Sydney Business Awards voting competition! We've just got the results and more than 2,000 people voted for MyNetFone! Thanks to your incredible massive support, MyNetFone has been one of the Top vote getters!

So once again a BIG THANK YOU to every single one of you! You really made our day today (Check out the happy faces holding the treasured finalist certificate)!

The winner for the Information and Communication Technology category will be disclosed on the 27th of August. Since the beginning, MyNetFone has been very successful in the race to win the City of Sydney Business Awards: Let's hope MyNetFone will keep up the good results until the end!

Almost one month to go...Stay tuned!

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