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Survey winner

Congratulations to Mr M Digby, of Colac, Victoria, winner of our survey competition! A big thankyou also to everyone who participated in the survey; your input is incredibly valuable and lets us provide you with the best possible service.

If you missed out, we'd love to see a comment on the blog or through our CONTACT page.

Don't forget that our Spring Sale ends on November 1st, so if you haven't yet taken advantage of our special prices, now's the time.

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New areas available for DIDs

True to our word we've expanded the pick of DIDs to include the following areas:

New South Wales

WoyWoy, Wyong, Tamworth, Oaks Flats, Nowra and Orange



South Australia

Littlehampton and McLaren Vale

Western Australia


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SMS with MyNetFone

What we've been waiting for is finally here - text messaging with MyNetFone! With MyText you can send a txt to any mobile for just 15c! It's available through the "My Account" portal and for a limited time you can take it for a free test drive.*

For info and instructions visit


*Texts are free between 12.00pm AEST 18/10/07 and 05.00pm AEST 31/10/07 (Fair use policy of 25 messages per subscriber. Additional messages will be charged at 15c inc GST each).

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MyNetFone reaches 40 000 customers

We are happy to announce we've recently reached 40 000 MyNetFone subscribers!

We'd like to thank our loyal customers for your continued support of MyNetFone and for recommending MyNetFone to your friends and family!

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Sales and surveys!

The Spring Sale has now been extended until November 1st. Visit for adapters at an excellent price and free phone handsets.*

We've recently sent out a survey to all the customers on our mailing list. Like the blog it's an important tool that we can use to build a better service for our customers. We want you to get your voice heard on important MyNetFone issues. Don't forget to return the survey by Saturday 20th. If you miss out we'd love to see your comments on the blog, or just send us an email to

The word on the technical support side is that we've had a few issues with incoming caller ID, which have happily now been resolved. If you're still having ongoing issues, give them a call! They'll be glad to help


*Conditions available; see our website for more information

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Call centre closed for public holiday

Although Monday was a public holiday for our call centre staff, the phones were left as they were and people could still call in...unfortunately there was no-one there to answer them. We're sorry if you were one of those people left in the queue! If you left a voicemail message our call centre staff are working through them as I write, and will get back to you asap.

 If you ever have any suggestions about the service or the website, don't hesitate to comment or email us. We're always working on ways of making life easier for our customers.

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