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Don't forget...

that Moday is a public holiday, so our call centre won't be open (we will be open on Saturday). Have a good long weekend everyone, and stay safe!

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Overseas DIDs

DIDs (Direct In Dial numbers) are now available in New Zealand for Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. You can select one when you set up your account, or log into the "My Account" portal and add one to your account. Keep an eye on our website...we're looking at adding DIDs in new locations as soon as we can.

Remember, DIDs are available in Australia in the following areas:

Adelaide Geelong
Albury Gold Coast (Beaudesert) Sydney
Ballarat Gosford Sunshine Coast (Nambour)
Gympie (Nambour)

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Voicemail and Follow Me

Monday October 1st is Labour Day and our customer service team will be taking a hard-earned break; hopefully you will be too! The call centre will be operating as usual this Saturday September 29th (10am to 4pm).


Wondering how to get the most out of voicemail and the new Follow Me feature? You'll find them under "My Devices" in the "My Account" portal on our homepage. From there you can control in real time what happens to all your incoming calls.

To turn on voicemail only

  • To send calls straight to voicemail, select "Redirect immediately to voicemail".
  • To send calls to voicemail if you don't answer after a certain amount of time, select "Redirect to voicemail on busy or no answer" and adjust to the desired time.

You can set up a Follow Me list by clicking "Add Follow Me". Say you had VoIP in the office, you might add your mobile to the list. If you were out of the office, business calls would go to that mobile. You can then adjust the settings as with voicemail.

To turn on Follow Me only

  • To send calls to the numbers on your Follow Me list straight away, select "Redirect immediately to Follow Me list".
  • To send calls to your Follow Me list if you don't answer after a certain amount of time, select "Redirect to Follow Me on busy or no answer" and adjust to the desired time.

Follow Me and voicemail working together

  • You can also choose to send calls to the numbers on your follow me list, and if none answer, to send the call to voicemail. Choose "Redirect to Follow Me list then voicemail on busy or no answer".

To switch OFF all voicemail and Follow Me, select "No Follow Me".
Feel free to comment if you have any questions about voicemail, Follow Me, or anything else VoIP related!

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Spring is in the air...

...and it'll be in your steps with MyNetFone's Spring Sale. Adapters going at never-before-seen prices and packaged with Panasonic cordless phones*. Check out the big orange button on our home page!

Ever feel like your always the last to know? Sign up to our mailing list and keep up to date with the latest offers and promotions by filling out your details at

I don't know about you, but I feel that things like VoIP - which can sometimes be a little confusing - are best explained through pictures. Hands up anyone who feels like seeing a few more diagrams about the place?

* Conditions apply; please see our website for more information.

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Congratulations... the lucky winner of the MyNetFone Mega TomTom Giveaway! Mr John Denniss, of Eagleby QLD, received TomTom 4.3 One XL V14 Sensis GPS SAT-NAV and his name will be published in next Tuesday's Australian newspaper. Anyone who signed up to or upgraded to the MegaSaver, JumboSaver or PowerSaver plans at that time was automatically entered into the draw. A big "Thank You" to all the participants!

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New Firmware upgrade for Billion Voice Adaptors

Recently there have been some compatibility issues with the Billion range of voice adaptors on our network. Customers using a Billion device to access the MyNetFone service may have experienced some problems including call drop outs, silent calls or calls not completing etc.

We have been working closely with Billion to fix these issues and are happy to announce a newly released firmware upgrade which will resolve them. If you are using a Billion device, please visit our Support Centre to upgrade your Billion Voice Adaptor with the latest firmware upgrade.

Instructions are provided along with the firmware upgrade, but should you require assistance in uploading the new firmware onto your Billion device, please submit a technical support request on the Billion website:

Alternatively, you can contact MyNetFone technical support on 1300 731 048 between 8:30am and 8:00pm Monday to Friday and 10:00am and 4:00pm Saturday. Please download the firmware and connect your Billion device to your PC before calling.

We hope you will enjoy using the MyNetFone service even more after this upgrade. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on 1300 731 048.

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Major New Features

We're starting to enjoy the fruits of the MyNetFone upgrade. Global Access and Follow Me are now available.

Global Access means you can get MyNetFone International rates from ANY PHONE! It works a bit like an international calling card, allowing you to dial into your MyNetFone account from a pre-registered mobile or landline number, and access our international call rates. For more info go to

Follow Me is like call forwarding on steroids! Managed in the My Account portal, It lets you redirect incoming calls to multiple phone numbers at any time, so effectively your MyNetFone service can follow you wherever you go - even overseas!

Best of all, these features are available to all our customers regardless of service or equipment. You can access the services and change their settings whenever you want through the "My Account" portal.

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MyNetFone Upgrade

Good news - we're upgrading our system in order to provide an even better service for our customers. There will be some minor impacts on some MyNetFone services and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Voicemail Services

From Monday 10 September, there will be possible disruptions to Voicemail configurations. If you find your voicemail service affected please visit your My Account portal after the upgrade and reconfigure your voicemail settings.

Online Services

Between 9pm on Tuesday 11 September and 8am on Wednesday 12 September the following online services will not be available:
· My Account Portal
· Registration
· Redeem
Customers can still make payments during this time by calling 151 from your MyNetFone service. To check account settings at this time you can give us a call on 1300 731 048.

Billing Services

Billing will not occur on Wednesday 12 September, anyone normally billed on this date will be billed on Thursday 13 September

If you have any problems at all, give our friendly customer service team a call - they'll be happy to help.

The upgrade will mean some exciting new features including "Follow Me", which lets you self-manage and re-direct in real time your incoming calls to any destination ...stay tuned!

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Network Maintenance Scheduled

MyNetFone is growing and so is our customer base. To make sure your VoIP service is running at full steam, we need to do a bit of network maintenance to allow for the growing number of users on our network. Scheduled network maintenance will be underway from Thursday 6 September between midnight and 5am for around three weeks. You shouldn't hit any bumps along the way, but if you do we recommend you powercycle your device (switch it off, wait a couple of minutes and switch it back on) and if this doesn't help don't hesitate to contact our customer service team on 1300 731 048.

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Talk Is Cheap is still here!

Good news for those who thought they missed out - our Talk Is Cheap offer has been extended to the 10th of September. This is your last chance to grab a Netgear TA612V for the incredibly cheap price of $19.95, plus heaps of other goodies! Just go to *

This Friday 7 September is a public holiday due to APEC, and consequently our customer service hours will be shortened slightly. Be aware that the Customer Service Centre will operate from 9am to 6pm AEST. The following Saturday will operate on normal hours, 10am to 4pm.

* Conditions apply; please see our website for more information.

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