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Father's Day is almost here...

...and so is our upcoming special. If you're on our mailing list you will have received an email about the huge giveaway this weekend to celebrate. If not, just click the orange banner on our homepage to check out the details. Free Netgear TA612V VoIP Phone Adaptors*! It's the perfect gift opportunity and also a great time to set up a VoIP account with MyNetFone. The promotion starts at 5.00pm today and ends Monday morning - don't miss out.

* Conditions apply; please see our website for more information.

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Decrease In Credit Card Transaction Limit

We've recently lowered the number of maximum credit card transactions allowed per 30 days to four for residential customers and two for residential BYO customers. This measure is simply to reduce the impact of possible credit card fraud. If you're a BYO customer and you want to increase the limit to four, please contact us on 1300 731 048.

If the recent change is affecting your automatic monthly top-up, we suggest increasing the top-up amount so that your card is not charged as often.

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DIDs and Other Questions

At the moment we're working on making our website more informative and helpful to you, our customers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Meanwhile, we've had a few questions about the way DIDs work. You pick a DID if you want people to ring you on your MyNetFone handset. People generally pick the area where they live as their DID area. However, if you have relatives or friends living interstate who call you often, you can pick a DID with their area code if you wish - and they can then call that number for the cost of a local call. Say for example you lived in Perth and your sister lived in Melbourne. If you picked a Melbourne DID (which would have an 03 area code), your sister could ring you on that number for the cost of a Melbourne call.

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Auto top-up and other questions...

For those of you who haven't yet had a look, our updated homepage has a shiny new "My Account" portal. From there you can view and control almost any facet of your account - check or top up your balance, make a payment, look at past invoices, change your plan, and heaps of other handy stuff. For those new to this, just log in on our home page using your MyNetFone number (SIP number) and password.

We've had a few questions lately about auto top-up - what is it? It's a way of making sure you always have enough credit in your account to make that all important call. It can happen in two ways. One - at the end of the month we debit your credit card with just enough to bring your account balance up to a nominated amount (say $20). Two - instead of waiting til the end of the month we'll debit your credit card when your balance drops below $5. Easy! Auto top-up is a condition of most of our specials, but heaps of customers choose this option for its convenience. Remember, we're only topping up what you spend. For example, say your auto top-up amount is $20. Now let's say that in one particular month you used $11.50 of your $20 credit. We would debit your card with only $11.50 so that you would start the invoicing month with $20 credit.

On a similar subject, we are continuing to update our FAQs, but they already have heaps of questions answered. Keep checking back under Support » FAQ .

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We've been busy at MyNetFone...

...the past few days, cooking up some fantastic new offers for you guys.
Talk really is cheap this month, with our sale items going for as little as $19.95! Check it out at and start making huge savings on VoIP products.

If you've got friends, relatives or business contacts overseas, our new GlobalSaver Plan is tailor made for you. Now you can make untimed 10c calls to 31 countries (including Australia) for only $14.95 a month! Best of all, the first 100 calls are FREE, as are the handy features like voicemail, call waiting, call ID and more. Keeping in touch with your loved ones overseas has never been easier - or cheaper!

Thinking about all the benefits of upgrading your plan (the extra free calls, cheaper rates...), but not sure if you should? Well prick up your ears! Just by upgrading to MegaSaver, JumboSaver/PRO or PowerSaver/PRO, you'll automatically enter the draw to WIN a cool TomTom ONE XL Regional GPS Navigation System valued at $599!* New to the game? Customers who sign up for the first time are also included in the draw if they pick these plans. Upgrade or sign up before 5.00pm, September 7 - as they say, you've gotta be in it to win it.


*Terms and Conditions Apply. Promotion terms and conditions are available at: Authorised under NSW Permit Number LTPS/07/23488, ACT Permit No ACT TP 07/03045 and SA Permit No T07/3269

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