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Don't Miss Calls This Holiday Season


Be prepared during this festive season. Record a voicemail!

MyNetFone makes it easy to update your voicemail with a holiday message!

An up-to-date, festive message can help you get the most out of the calls during the holiday period.

  •  Simply update your voicemail by dialling 121 and pressing option 0
  •  Companies can also record voicemails for company-wide call groups (e.g. Sales / Support) by dialling 171 and entering your call group number and pin.

MyNetFone Home and Business Voice services also include the voicemail-to-email handy feature to help you stay accessible, even when you're out and about in your flip flops or warming up the BBQ for Christmas.

Voicemail-to-email instantly emails your voicemail messages as WAV audio files. So you can easily get notified and listen on your smartphone or computer.

  • The voicemail-to-email feature can be easily setup via the online Account Portal.
  • In the 'Voicemail to Email' box on the same page as voicemail, select either "'Forward Voicemail to Email, Delete from Server' or  'Forward Voicemail to Email, Leave on Server (Collect via 121)', then enter your email address and recipient name and click 'Update'. 


MyNetFone Voicemail

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