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See what NBN rollout actually looks like

There a lot of talk about the National Broadband Network (NBN), but do you want to see what the rollout of this new-generation technology actually looks like?

A few members of the MyNetFone team visited one of the 'greenfield' new housing developments in Sydney's western suburbs this week, and saw first-hand what the NBN rollout to these new communities involves.

Here are a few photos from the visit - as you can see, NBN is really quite a simple network at the suburb level, yet delivers such huge possibilites for internet speed, reliability and applications such as VoIP to be channelled over it.

Greenfield site deployment like shown in the photos is different from the way NBN rolls out to existing streets and houses. With greenfields, the streets are cleared and paved, and the houses built at the same time as the NBN is installed, so the fibre cabling can be pre-arranged to go underground all the way up to the houses. Inside, the new houses have purpose-designed little cupboards to house the NBN premise devices.

In contrast, in existing suburbs the fibre most often needs to be delivered to the houses through above-ground overhead cabling - afterall, few people would agree to have their lawns dug up!

New house going up at Bunya development site, Doonside. "Mini-exchange" Temporary Fibre Access Node (T-FAN) housing the heart of the NBN access for the new development.
NBN internet rollout MyNetFone NBN internet rollout MyNetFone


NBN cabling in the ground.


NBN Premises Connection Device (PCD) on the outside of one of the houses.

NBN internet rollout MyNetFone NBN internet rollout MyNetFone


Checking out display homes from different builders - all already NBN enabled!


Close-up of the T-FAN on the development site.

NBN internet rollout MyNetFone NBN internet rollout MyNetFone

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Posted by Maria at 2:34 pm 13 Comments


simon said over 8 years ago

That's a pretty ordinary hole in the brickwork!

Adrian said over 8 years ago

Looks like the builders did not allow for NBN by preinstalling concealed conduits. Typical! We are going to see some pretty ugly results with NBN not the builder blamed.

Jane said over 8 years ago

Representative of Australian Builder's workmanship and the pride they take. If it was their own house you can be sure it would have been neat so insects don't set up home in the wall cavity ;-) Good to see those homes have been designed with eaves sheltering the windows at least. It would be interesting to see photos of NBN rolled out to an older area/home without a neat cabinet inside to house the comms boxes.

MyNetFone said over 8 years ago

Actually, the houses shown are already connected to the NBN. The NBN Co worked with the builders in this development to ensure everything was setup according to requirements to make NBN installation easy. Jane, agreed, would be interesting to see an example of an older house with NBN equipment. Unfortunately we didn't get to see one in our field-trip this time.

Shane said over 8 years ago

Regarding the premises connection box in the photo. It would be a lot neater if the box concealed the conduit coming out of the ugly hole in the brick wall. In my opinion this is a crappy looking install with its chipped brick and what appears to be disused wall anchors.

Andrew said over 8 years ago

Are they really expecting the T-Fans to last ithe wild? They look like a prime target for vandalism to me.

Wayne said over 8 years ago

Andrew: Yet Turnbull wants to install these sort of cabinets ALL over Australia. Sure they won't be vandalism or destroyed by cars!

Bazza said over 8 years ago

@Wayne&Andrew The current Telstra RIMs have been out in the wild for over a decade and they survive just fine. Why would these be any different? @Mynetfone Look at the 4th picture, given you clearly didn't catch the drift of the first few posters. That's a *very* ordinary installation.

John said over 8 years ago

Thx for the info. Looks pretty good to me.

daz said over 8 years ago

Could someone explain why the T-Fan is "temporary" ??

Jex said over 8 years ago

Tis better to have the conduit external up the outside wall to the box. When installed this way there is less chance of ants & water coming into your wall cavity via the conduit out to the pit.

Robert said over 8 years ago

Maybe i'm a bit sensitive, but if that was my brand new home with 4 unused holes and a cream ferrule between the grey conduit and gery flexi conduit I would be asking the installer to come back and recitfy this example of shoddy workmanship. I bet they billed NBNco full whack!

Palo said over 8 years ago

Great insight to NBN mnf. But I am with Bazza, it is an ordinary PCD installation. Still, this is the future of bringing the exchange to the residents. Cool...

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