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Rural Earthlings Receive NBN Broadband from Space


NBN Satellite


The Sky Muster satellite launched by NBN Co has delivered download speeds of over 24Mbps and uploads of 4Mbps in the first public demonstration of Satellite NBN internet.

Soon this NBN internet service will be available to 200 rural and regional Victorians on a trial basis to identify any teething problems before its official launch later this year.

After the two-month trial, a second companion satellite will be launched by NBN Co to help cater for the 200,000 homes and businesses expected to be using the service.

Satellite broadband has a history of latency due to the 36,000 km the signal has to travel from orbit to the dish, but NBN Co have now engineered ways to mitigate waiting time. Acceleration technology fetches elements on an internet page on behalf of an end-user rather than collecting it in sequence, cutting the time it takes to fully render a web-page.

Even programs like Skype that acceleration technology cannot assist with had drastically improved, according to NBN fixed wireless and satellite MD Gavin Williams.

“We are delighted with the progress that we are making towards the planned launch of Sky Muster commercial services in the next couple of months," he said. 

"Rural and remote Australians will be able to access fast and reliable internet through their phone and internet provider in the bush.” 

The NBN satellites will be supported by ten ground stations, providing regional and remote Australians outside of the fibre optic cable network with broadband five times faster than the current alternative. The rollout of the NBN internet service through satellite, fixed wireless and fibre optic networks are all currently underway, with all Australians expected to be connected by 2020.  

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